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be in the pipeline. the simple answer is america cannot and will not win, he writes, the tables have turned and there's no rolling back of the worldwide jihad movement and when this new front of jihad starts in yemen it might become the single most important front of jihad in the world. alaki is linked to the fort hood shooting, the spiritual of to nadal hasan and the site was monitored last year by the u.s. intelligence community. jane: what information did this father provide exactly, specifically, and how was it used or not used by the intelligence community? >> within a month after alaki's writing in october, the father went to nigeria after a phone call from his son in which sources tell sources that abdullah claimed it would be the last conversation. he met with the cia officer and told them his son was missing, he may be in yemen. this was the basis of a state department cable obtained by fox news which reads that the subject may be involved with yemeni-based extremists. abdullah has tostled to lome togethero and dubai, uae. at no time did the father suggest his son might become a suicide bomb
to $2700. >> president obama has a new plan to try to help trim america's 1.4 trillion dollar deficit and wants congress to freeze discretionary spending for three years starting next year and spending for national security and mandatory entitlement programs like social security and medicare would escape the budget axe. democratic senator jeff merkley of oregon serves on both the banking and budget committees, and he joins us now. what do you think of the president's proposals? >> i tell you, i'm really looking forward to hearing the details tomorrow night. what i really want to hear the president talk about is how we are going to put jobs back here in america. >> that seems to be the same focus a lot of other people have and was it a mistake for the senate and white house to spend so much of the last year working on health care? >> no, i don't think so. in fact in order to have our economy prosper, we have to be more efficient, more effective with health care, it is a handicap in our -- not only affects quality of life of our citizens and is a handicap with international trade and co
energy association, they told me last week that the total employment in the wind industry in america, direct and indirect, is only 85,000. how many jobs can you create in the wind industry? certainly not the millions that we need in our society. and that's 85,000 directly employed in the wind industry, and also, indirectly employed. it's just not a very significant employer. jon: if you boost it, what, 10 percent, you get 8500 jobs, that's a drop in the bucket. >> doesn't count, jon. jon: we'll talk to you soon, stuart. jane: we want to get to the situation in haiti this morning and update you, people were scrambling for safety again this morning, another aftershock, rumbling what's left of port-au-prince, a lot of buildings there on shaky ground, so the rescue and seven crews had to stop working to get out of the rubble when the tremor hit. adam housely is in port-au-prince with more information. adam. >> reporter: that aftershock shook us pretty good this morning. not as big as the 6.1 a couple of days ago but enough to fray nerves here. you talk about the buildings, we're talking
that he was an american agent. he was too adversary to work for america. he only could have used america and jordan to reach his goals. i am proud of my husband, he has carried out a very important operation in such a war. you called this this morning a very successful operation for al-qaeda. >> it's, you know, and i don't want to sound callous, and i don't want to offend anyone, but from the perspective of an intelligence operation, this was an excellent operation run by al-qaeda. i hope it really alerts some american politicians in both parties to what a serious threat this organization is. it's not a nation-state, but the operation at host is very close to what a nation-state can do. jane: you say we're seriously underestimating the threat of al-qaeda that they propose at this point in time. what do you propose doing? >> well, i would propose at least trying to defend america. you know, the president is trying to fool the american people into thinking that if he can get this watch list business right, it's a silver bullet. well, the watch list is always going to be beatable, but more
of repositioned america in the world international scene, and tests are still ahead of him. and we cannot say at this point that his foreign policy has been a major success or a major defeat. >> reporter: so not a b-plus, not a b-minus but incomplete. jon, back to you. jon: major garrett live at the white house, major, thank you. jane: now information just as we were speaking with major, many sings uncertain on the earthquake in haiti. one thing we haven't been able to pin down is the death toll. this hour the haitian ambassador to the u.s. is telling a reporter that he's getting some information indicating that some 50,000 bodies have already been buried and his figures at this hour show the number of dead to be somewhere between 150,000, and 200,000. horrific numbers for sure. we will have more for you just after the break. jon: a fox news alert and more live pictures coming into the fox news room of really one of the happy stories, sometimes one of the few, coming out of haiti. these are some of the 52 orphans from the bresma orphanage there who have just arrived. this is now tape of some
spending a great deal of money on these so-called green jobs. what we need to do in america is cast the net far and wide, do everything possible to get businesses, the capital they need to invest, and the ability they need to create more jobs, and not just focus in on very minute sectors of the economy. jon: debbie, he was criticized during the first year of his administration for when the shredding -- sledding got to be tough on one issue, he would push another speech. is there a danger the president may be overexposed? >> i don't think that there's that danger. i think the state of the union is the perfect opportunity to remind people what this administration has been doing and what they have tried to accomplish. one of the problems in this country is that when people take action and bad things don't happen, people don't understand the consequences. i think it's a good and perfect opportunity for him to define what he did accomplish in the first year, what they did prevent and look forward to how he's going to stabilize the economy, grow jobs and health care is still a very pressing issue
who are hurting. and every day, we are working to put our economy back on track and put america back to work. but even as we dig our way out of this deep hole, it's important that we not lose sight of what led us into this mess in the first place. this economic crisis began as a financial crisis, when banks and financial institutions took huge, reckless risks in pursuit of quick profits and massive bonuses. when the dust settled and this binge of irresponsibility was over, several of the world's oldest and largest financial institutions had collapsed or were on the verge of doing so, markets plummeted, credit dried up and jobs were vanishing by the hundreds of thousands each month. we were on the police miss of a second great depression. to avoid this calamity the american people who are already stling in their own right were forced to rescue financial firms facing crisis largely of their own creation, and that rescue, undertaken by the previous administration, was deeply offensive, but it was a necessary thing to do. and it succeeded in stabilizing the financial system and helping t
al-qaeda is about, and that they, do --, too are america and want to make their voices heard today on the national stage because there are a lot of international outlets here today, today. jane: steve brown, i know you'll let us know as soon as you hear anything else or see anything else, thanks. jon: less than 24 hours after president baum declares war on al-qaeda, the feds arrest two men linked to a terror plot, a joint terrorism force arrested both suspects in queens, new york. earlier they raided at least one of their apartments, seizing the suspect's passport as part of an ongoing investigation of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, both suspects allegedly traveled to pakistan with this man, najibullah zazi, in 2008, that's where the feds say zazi attended an al-qaeda training camp and learned how to make bombs intending to attack new york city. zazi is the shuttle bus driver from denver, charged in connection with the new york city plot. he has already pleaded not guilty. in brooklyn, new york, david, what can you tell us about the arrest? >> we expect in a few hou
city or any military base or anywhere else in america. i mean, it's just -- just doesn't make sense. and i don't mean to be so harsh on the administration, but it's that liberal mentality in this country that we -- that we have to do it differently from everybody else, when in fact we can do it in a constitutionally sound and decent way. that's what we should do. jane: very quickly i want to ask you, member of house peter king was on fox earlier talking about what he has proposed on his side of the aisle, and his side of congress there, to prohibit funding for any trials for gitmo detainees going forward. would something like that have traction? >> well, i think so. senator graham, i don't know what it may be but it may very well be to force this proceeding to go at guantanamo. i think either one of those would pass at this point. i think members of congress are getting very jittery about the administration and their i think left wing approach towards these things. look, these people are killers, they are people who have killed 3000 of our people. they're people who will take advant
you for being here. jon: the hairan relief effort is a reminder of america's big heart. take a look at some of the newest aerials just into the fox news room of the devastation in port-au-prince, the capitol city of haiti, whole blocks simply flattened. the sheer scope of the u.s.-led relief effort compared with other world powers, plus corporate america pitching into help, despite the tough economy. some bright spots, ahead. jane: the u.s. government is responding to the tragedy in haiti with an initial pledge of $100 million. also 10,000 military personnel, scores of disaster response teams. the sheer size is certainly a reminder. you might want to compare our efforts to the nation of china. they have now upped their initial pledge of $1 million to about four-and-half million. now for a look at how american corporations are chipping in in the midst of these tough economic times three listed david lee miller. >> reporter: corporate america is really stepping up to the plate here. in just one day the amount of donations have now more than tripled, this according to the chamber of co
and molly line is on the job hunt this hour. >> we're at evergreen solar, one of america's high-tech solar power companies, they're struggling in this economy as are other companies around the world, the recession has had a major impact on this globald industry. we have more coming up, next. jon there's news on the power of the pomegranate, researchers have been tout thank fruit for years, saying it has a number of health benefits. now a new study says it can help fight breast cancer. doctors at the city of hope national medical center in california say chemicals in pomegranate slow the growth of cancer cells, you say you can reap the benefits either by eating the fruit or drinking the pomegranate juice. jane we're on the job hunt at fox. mixed news for the solar power industry, some companies invest millions to build manufacturing plants in this country, when there was a high demand for solar products. take a look. solar energy provides electricity and hot water to more than 100,000 homes, businesses and utilities in this country. in 2007, 62 percent or about 62.5% of all clean energy gen
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flying into america from state sponsors of terrorism and other countries of interest, which also include iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, and saudi arabia. now, that means not only will there be full body patdowns and carry-on checks that you mentioned but full body descreeng and the use of explosion detection technology in airports that have the equipment. not every airport does. according to the tsa, this is part of their statement, quote, the new directive includes long term sustainable security measures, developed in consultation with law enforcement officials, and our domestic and international partners. but jane, there is word this morning that there is some confusion at european airports. britter and swiss officials are said to be reviewing the new rules, and the associated press reporting this morning in spain -- and saying u.s. found passengers from countries on the watch lists are not being singled out for patdowns, so clearly, still some work ahead. jane: laura, what's the reaction from security experts on this? also i know civil rights groups have commented on this. >> we're hear
minister. well, he told good morning america this morning that he was indeed invited. he has the actual invitation. he also admitted he couldn't actually produce that invitation to show us, nor could he produce the seating card with his name on t he's an event planner in d.c., he said security checked him in, a white house staffer is the one who actually led him to the seat. jon yemen is very much in the spotlight as a hot bed of terror activity after the suspect in the botched christmas day airline attack admitted he was flaind yemen, and while u.s. troops are not headed to yemen, the country's president is promising to crack down on al-qaeda there, but he says he will deal with the terrorists on his own terms, and that includes offering to talk with any al-qaeda fighter who reannounces violence and terrorism. good idea or not? let's talk about it with lieutenant colonel tony schaeffer, at the center for advanced defense studies. the president of imrai -- yemen has been accused, toan -- tony, of vacillating, trying to be tough on al-qaeda for the western consumption and yet trying to m
. jon: can an earthquake the same magnitude the same as hit haiti strike heartland america? guess what, it already has and geologist say it could happen again. the major fault line in the midwest that could be overdue for a major quake, that's next. jane: another miraculous rescue in haiti to tell you about, a man found alive in the rubble two weeks after that earthquake hit, theor a brn leg and severe dehydration. getting aid to those who need is a major obstacles, the airport is loaded, the seaport continues to have problems, it is so damaged, the u.s. estimating 2 million need food, 500,000 have received it so far. jon: geologists say a powerful earthquake could hit areas of the united states that are not well prepared for such a thing. the new madrid fault line running under missouri and tennessee is active and responsible for a quake in 1811 that rang church bells as far away as boston. mary ann phil better is live in memphis. how active is this fault, mary snan. >> you mentioned that one in happened in 1811, 1812, there were a series of strong earthquakes, seismologists believe 7
in america goes red in a big way. massachusetts, electing a little-known republican to replace ted ken derks long-time democrat in the u.s. senate, the issue kennedy caused theo called the cause of his life played a big role in this upset. what does it mean for the political landscape going forward? let's bring in ras rasmussen, you talked to a thousand massachusetts voters after the election results, after they voted, right, scott? >> that's correct. the polls are still open but it was after they had cast their own vote. jon: interesting to me, i want to get right to this, because so many people are saying this is a referendum on health care. now you asked that question, what's the most important issue to you. 56 percent of the voters polled said health care is number one. but of those who said health care is number one, martha coakley actually won that group, 53 percent-46 percent. >> that's right. health care was the issue that got brown traction, it was certainly an important part of this race, and massachusetts voters are split over whether or not they like the plan that's b
and by sea. but america is far from the only country offering help. amy kellogg is following that part of the story live from london. what other nations are stepping up, amy? >> reporter: the u.k. is ready to send a team, we've got a snow issue here which has grounded the plane but jon, so many countries have offered to send aid to haiti. the problem is coordinating all of these efforts. and the logistics behind it all. the international red cross has said right now there is no structured effort, and that is of course a problem. but countries from mexico, venezuela, israel, brazil, china, china, jon, of course, having recently suffered its own earthquake in 2008. they've got a 30-member search and rescue team on its way to haiti now. incidentally also, 125 chinese peacekeepers are in the u.n. force in haiti. also france, which haiti is a former french colony, and there are 1500 french nationals living in haiti. it's a francophone country, and creole is spoken. jon: what about religion, is it playing a role in this? >> we saw the pope today. haiti is a catholic country. tragically the a
billion. bank of america and goldman sachs received billions and billions of our taxpayer money, but they already paid back their t.a.r.p. money, so this would be a second go round by the federal government. and the argument here is, it could be, that again, some of these big banks benefited most so that's why they're going to have additional fees, but the argument against could be, well, if you charge these big banks extra fees and those fees get passed on to us, the taxpayer that funded some of their recovery already, also, if you charge them more, maybe they lend less which is the whole point of t.a.r.p. in the first place, also, to increase lending. it's a difficult scenario, but will we see those fees in the budget proposal we'll see early next month, that's one idea. now, as the treasury is looking at its t.a.r.p. investment, we have this other piece of news as well. the federal reserve, which is not a part of the federal government, actually reaped a big profit this year with some of its own investments that have to do with looking at the security market that wall street,
to the carribean and latin america. shannon bream joins us live from that 900-foot vessel at its home port of baltimore. so what capabilities does the comfort have, shannon? >> jon, when it's here in the u.s. it is considered one of the largest trauma centers in the u.s., so when it takes to the sea it is takes an incredible amount of medical equipment and technology with it. just to give you a sense it has 1000 hospital beds on board, 5000 pints of blood available and an amazing surgeual center. it can do everything from heart surgery to brain surgery, they can deliver babies, they've got an ob ob/gyn section and a burn center. to top it off, they can feed 2500 people, three times a day. it is an amazing operation. just the kind of thing that people in haiti will need, and will be so welcomed to see when it arrives there later this month. jon: all right, and when does it leave, very quickly, shannon? >> well, jon, normally it takes five days to get up an running but they're trying to get out of here by saturday, they hope to be in haiti no later than january january 22nd, they're expediti
, we've kept this, america is not alone in this. >> reporter: nato will come up with 10,000 more, we'll have 100,000, it when top 150,000 troops there and foreign troops will be around afghanistan, according to president hamid karzai, for many years to come, jon. jon: greg palkot in london with that international conference, where it's just wrapped up, thank you. jane: nine months away but the mid-term races, they're already heating up in several battle ground states. the republican victory in massachusetts, is it a sign of things to come or do democrats have plenty of time to turn things around, will they? will they? larry sabato and his crystalcla. ball, next. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr jane: midterm races, particularly the states of delaware, nevada and arkansas, are heating up, democrats are hoping to stop the defection of independent voters, that really is believed to what cost them the massachusetts senate seat. they have work cut out for them, the university of virginia politics is out with its crystal ball, the prediction shows republicans could be picking up seven seats in the se
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20